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Redditch Swimming Club Shop

Club Shirts


ZEON has been selected as our new kit provider, they currently supply over 150 swimming clubs across the UK


All orders for t-shirts and shorts will be now managed through them and it is intended that no supplies will be held by Redditch Swimming club


To view prices and complete an order you will need to register an account through the login link in the top right hand corner of the shop home page.


Names can be added to the back of the t-shirt, there will be an extra £2 charge for printing but more importantly if you get the sizing wrong you will not be able to exchange the t shirt.


Any exchanges will occur in the next order window and ZEON will assist you in making this happen.


​Click here for the link to Zeon's RSC page.





Training Kit

- the following items are available to purchase from our Club Shop.

(Please see Rachel Holmes at the Abbey Stadium most evenings, or contact a member of the committee).

Within reason, items can be tried on for size before purchasing. All purchased shop items will be billed for by the Treasurer for payment via BACS - we do not hold cash or cheques at the pool.



Range of Brands, colours and sizes ...

... Marlin, Pool, Speedo, Kiefer, Beco, Aquafeel





Range of Brands, colours and sizes ...

... Speedo, Maru, Zoggs, Arena, Head, Yingfa, TYR


also Goggle elastic straps and Nose-clips available.




Range of "Pool", "Speedo", "Stanno" and "Kiefer" brands in range of colours.

Hand Paddles

... Kiefer, Speedo, Biofuse in range of sizes.

Pull Buoys

Pink only.


Pink only.

Boys Jammers

Size 22" (top row) = Maru (Disco), Kiefer (Black)

Size 24" (bottom row) = Speedo (Endurance, black), Speedo (Flip turn)

Boys Jammers

Size 26" (top row) = Diana (Hazard), Maru (Cosmic Pacer), Funaqua (Bizarre)

Size 28" (bottom row) = Funaqua (Ziggy), Speedo (Endurance Fluid Dive)

Size 29" (bottom right) = Zoggs (Aqualast Geo Wave)

Boys Jammers

Size 30" (top row) = Maru (Topper Pirahna), Diana (Sneaker), Turbo (S duratech) (small)

Size 30" (bottom row) = Maru (Cosmic navy), Speedo (Fluid Dive)

Boys Jammers

Size 32" (top row) = Speedo (Endurance), Speedo (Kung Fu), Maru (Disco), TYR (Titan Splice)

Size 32 " (middle row) = Maru (Crackle), Head (shark 45), Head (Photon 45), Maru (Shark)

Size "L" (circa 32") (bottom left) = Jaked (Illusion man)

Size 36" (bottom right) = Funky Trunks (Blazing Arrow).

Girls Costumes

Size 24" (top row) = Speedo (Arrowjet), Speedo (Aquadive), Dolphin (Ugly), Diana (Tabby), Maru (Monet Pacer)

Size 24" (bottom row) = Speedo (Endurance), Maru (Lottie Pacer), Madwave (Blue Racer), Kiefer (Black)

Girls Costumes

Size 26" (top row) = Speedo (Fluid Dive), Maru (Little Star), Speedo (Flip turn), Speedo (Blue Medallist), Speedo (Starlight)

Size 26" (bottom row) = Maru (Lovehearts), Speedo (Aquachamp), Speedo (Endurance black), Funaqua (Kneesuit Music)

Girls Costumes

Size 28" (top row) = Speedo (Aquachamp), Speedo (Cayla)

Size 28" (bottom row) = Aqua (Kneesuit Infinity Ceylan), Yingfa (Kneesuit black), Aqua (Kneesuit Infinity Nepal)


Girls Costumes

Size 30" = Speedo (Cayla), Speedo (Endurance), Aqua (Kneesuit Infinity Ceylan), FunAqua (Kneesuit Stripes)

Girls Costumes

Size 32" = Maru (Reef Rave), Speedo (Endurance), Kiefer (Krazies Butterfly), Aqua (Kneesuit Infinity Nepal)

Girls Costumes

Size 34" = Maru (Zeta), Funaqua (Swirl), Speedo (Endurance), Funaqua (Butterfly)

Girls Costumes

Size 36" = Speedo (Endurance)

Size 8 (circa 26") = Funkita (Videostar)

Size 10 (circa 28") = Funkita (Wings of Paradise)




If you wish to order alternative swimwear and equipment, please click on the Proswimwear banner below. This site has competitively priced performance costumes and an array of equipment and clothing to tempt you, not forgetting the various promotional flash reductions. By ordering through this link you will be supporting RSC as all purchases made help raise cash for the club.


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